María Romero Calderón is a multidisciplinary artist born in Málaga, in 1994. By 2012, she begins her degree in Law and Publicity in Madrid, but after completing the first year and not feeling in the right place, she gives a twist to her studies and starts Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid whose degree concludes in 2017. In these five years, she has been not only trained as an artist but also she has begun her own creation of paintings and sculptures; She made an installation called “In my beginning is my end” at the Trasera Exhibition Hall.


In 2017 she moved to Malaga, where she intensified her creative process with a series of paintings focused on the landscape and its people, all thanks to her volunteering experience in Peru and her trip to Africa, which have completed her studies as an artist. While art unfolds around, she completed her training as a creative and digital native with a master’s degree in Graphic Design with Digital Marketing at ANIMUM 3D Creativity Advanced School.


In 2018 she went back to Madrid to develop a new way of communicating her passion with color, form, composition, etc. in the advertising world. At DDB Spain she is working in different branding projects. Although she remains constant with her passion for art, showing her paintings in exhibitions in Paris, Madrid and Málaga.

Now in 2020, after Covid - 19, as many workers she began to work from home so she moved back to Málaga where she continues her work in DDB and as an Artist and freelance visual designer. 

Hard-worker, creative and passionate of the world that surrounds us, its different cultures and ways of life. Ambitious, efficient and practical when it comes to problem solving. Teamwork as a means of expanding knowledge and lightening the process of research and production. A curious, proactive person with great communication skills and management. Passionate about the humanism-related reading, music, cinema, sports, etc.


“Happiness lies in doing what you are passionate about, that allows you to receive and give to others.”