"Rebrand" for the new

art fair in Madrid, called ARTIST.

They called me with an image 

problem and asked what could

I do with the assets that

they already have: colors, typography

and circle (this one very important for them).

In their web, you can see the problem:

I had to decomposed their logo

because we didn't have time to

rebranded it, but also they didn't

want to do branding with that logo

so I try to preserves their main

assets and give the red dot

the importance it needs.

So it could live on its own.

The red dot

meaning for them:

the desired “red dot”, which indicates “acquired work”.

We know and feel what this fact means for the artist, not so much

in economic terms (... as also),

but above all because of

the satisfaction of having connected with the public's sensitivity and sharing with him

a part of his personal dimension and creative So whenever you see the "red dot" in ARTIST we will be closer to reaching our goal:


The concept:

Art without limits.


This fair it's very important for all

independent artists like myself.

We all have problems coming out

in this society that preserves 

the old meaning of Art Fairs,

which is that just galleries 

can show and sell art.

ARTIST it's the first contemporary fair

that it changes this process.

It's a breakthrough in the art world.

This design represents a white canvas 

with that desired red dot that every 

artist wants to see and how its breaks 

all barriers.

The three corporative colors of 

the logo in a whole new way of living

with the elements and typography.

cartel_ARTIST 2020_50x70 cm_V2 copia-01.